Time to Zoom

We're introducing Online Cooking Classes

Marta getting ready for an online workshop

Eataway has always been about bringing people together through shared food. In these difficult times, when it is so hard to be together in person, we’ve been challenging ourselves to come up with a way of keeping our community active, and our passion for shared food alive. We certainly never imagined living through a pandemic, nor what that would entail for our day-to-day lives and for what is important to us. We haven’t been in touch much since March when Eataway became rather quiet, but now is the time to share what we have been working on passionately in recent months - online cooking classes!

A changed world

As children have had to go home and continue their studies through remote learning and offices have closed around the world and people forced to work from home, it has been inspiring to see how people have adapted to the challenges, and made extraordinary changes to their lives in order to keep in touch with one another and function productively in their lives. Our own families, like millions of others, have been using WhatsApp and Zoom and similar platforms to keep in touch, keep working, and keep motivated So now it’s time for Eataway to make the same step with online cooking classes!

What's cooking

We will very shortly been launching a new site which puts online classes at the heart of Eataway. We are contacting you, as an important member of the Eataway community, to let you know about these changes before they go live. The new site is much simpler, and will be constantly updated and improved, especially in the coming weeks, and, whilst we know we can count on your understanding, there are some important messages we want to pass on to you at this stage.

We've tried it and it works

First, whilst you won’t see your old hosted meals or meal products in the new website, please be assured these have all been safely stored and will make their re-appearance in the near future, once the pandemic situation has been overcome. For now, we really want to concentrate on the online cooking classes, which we have tested ourselves and found to be fantastically rewarding both for cooks and guests. The results have been great sourdough bread, delicious pierogi, and glorious challa - so it really works! All your reviews, photos, profiles, and other important information will gradually return to the site as it evolves. So thank you for your patience!

A new challenge for cooks

Second, we encourage you to consider offering online cooking classes if you feel you’d like to cook, know you have some special cooking tips to share, and enjoy interacting with people online. Whilst we will (in the short term) miss the opportunity to welcome people into our homes, at the same time online classes allow us to connect with people all around the world, not only those who are physically near us, potentially opening the Eataway community up to many, many more people. Also, some of you who may not have been able to host a meal at home, may now be able to offer cooking classes - all that is needed is a good internet connection, a few basic items like a laptop or tablet and webcam, and a passion for sharing your cooking in a clear, step-by-step and enthusiastic way.

Sharing. As always

Finally, we want to re-iterate once more the message that has always been at the heart of everything that inspires us at Eataway - the importance of sharing. Sharing our cooking skills, sharing our time, sharing our passion. We’ve seen how much positive energy comes from every interaction we have with cooks and guests on Eataway over the years. Now we enter a new chapter - one that is different, challenging and new - but as always, with people at its heart. We look forward to you being with us on this exciting journey.

Warmest wishes from Marta, Mark and Will